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There is no point spending your hard earned dollars on a website that nobody will visit. This is why it is important to source a knowledgeable web designer who knows how to balance style and functionality with good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. SEO has a large part to play in the final outcome of your website design. For instance, you may only require a very simple website, with little content. For SEO purposes, it is crucial that your website has a decent amount of text content, as well as a decent amount of media content (such as images, videos, etc.), that is relevant to your website's cause and your website's target audience. As search engines are constantly crawling the Internet for useful information, your website content needs to be up-to-date and always relevant.

The Search Engine Optimisation that happens during the design is only the BEGINNING. SHOUT Electronic Design WILL endeavour to start your SEO campaign off in the right direction by using the latest SEO techniques and ensuring your website is optimised for an excellent search engine result, free of charge. However, once your website is launched, a lot must be done to ensure your website builds on it's existing SEO strength.

We also offer ongoing website maintenance services, including Search Engine Optimisation, to keep your website a step ahead of the rest. The ongoing optimisation of your website is an important part of the success of your site's SEO campaign. Once you have a first page search result ranking (which can take between 3 to 6 months to acquire) your website content must remain relevant and up-to-date to keep a first page search ranking.

Our SEO services also include the analysis of existing websites, for potential redesign to increase your SEO. We have proven results showing that we can take websites that have struggled to appear in Google's results at all and take it to a page 1 search ranking. This is without the use of pay-per-click marketing tools such as Google Adwords.

SHOUT Electronic Design's Search Engine Optimisation features:

  • No expensive pay-per-click campaigns. Our SEO services are strictly "organic" - meaning your site is optimised for quality and your website has a trusted online reputation.
  • Our affordable Search Engine Optimisation services will cost you as low as 10% of competitor's rates on an ongoing, monthly basis.
  • Our SEO services are not built on buying your way into the market, it is built on a strong, quality web design and trusted online business directories.

You won't need a private eye to find your website with our SEO services